Bruno Santori & the Mediterranean Orchestra

Similar to the RadioItalia concerts in Milan and Palermo in 2019, each artist will be accompanied by the Mediterranean Orchestra conducted by Maestro Bruno Santori, who will also be in charge of the artistic direction of the festival.

The Mediterranean Orchestra was founded in 2016 as an initiative of the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation and brings together expert musicians from all over the Mediterranean. The objective of the Mediterranean Orchestra is to promote the Mediterranean identity throughout the world by using music, a universal language that helps to bridge the differences between people. The repertoire is very versatile and ranges from classical to pop, from jazz to sacred music. The structure of the orchestra is extraordinarily flexible and under the permanent guidance of Maestro Santori, it is able to expand from the repertoire of concerts to projects involving a large symphony orchestra enriched with elements from other established orchestras.

The artistic and musical direction of the Mediterranean Orchestra has been entrusted to the international orchestra conductor Maestro Bruno Santori who, since the beginning, has given the ensemble a characteristic sound, modeled on its peculiarities and on the spirit that continues the generation of excellent and expert musicians from all over the Mediterranean who gave life to the orchestra. “I hope that this Orchestra will never set limits of any kind– comments Bruno Santori – I hope that it is open to all cultures and that it leads to the creation of a unique musical identity made up of multiple experiences and skills.”